General terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions are an unconditional part of a booking of an accommodation at Arctic Home Experience.

  1. Acceptance
  • A booking of an accommodation can be made by e-mail, via the website or by telephone. After acceptance, Arctic Home Experience will always send a confirmation e-mail and invoice, making the booking final.

2. Privacy and data protection

  • Guests' personal data is treated confidentially and used only for administrative purposes, following the privacy policy of Arctic Home Experience.

3. Payment terms

    • All prices quoted are in euros.
    • Guests' personal data is treated confidentially and used only for administrative purposes, following the privacy policy of Arctic Home Experience.

    • A deposit of 30% is required upon booking. The remaining 70% must be paid no later than 42 calendar days before the start of the arrival date.

    • If the period between booking and departure date is 42 calendar days or less, no deposit is required. In that case, the full travel amount must be paid to Arctic Home Experience immediately upon booking.

    • Children aged between 4 and 12 years receive a 20% discount on the packages and optional activities offered by Arctic Home Experience, subject to the specified payment conditions.

4. Cancellations and changes

    • Changes to reservations are subject to availability and may incur additional costs.

    • Cancellations must be reported in writing to Arctic Home Experience.

    • Unless Arctic Home Experience agrees to different terms with the guest, the following fixed damage percentages apply, based on the time of cancellation:

    • Up to 42 days before departure: the deposit, but not exceeding 35% of the total travel cost;

    • From 42 to 28 days before departure: 35% of the total travel cost;

    • From 28 to 21 days before departure: 40% of the total travel cost;

    • From 21 to 14 days before departure: 50% of the total travel cost;

    • From 14 to 5 days before departure: 75% of the total travel cost.

    • 5 days before departure or later: 90% of the total travel cost;

    • On the departure day or later: the full travel cost.

    • If payment is not made within the specified deadlines and if, after the first reminder, you still fail to make payment, you will be liable for statutory interest as well as any extrajudicial collection costs that may be incurred.

    • The extrajudicial costs are determined as follows: 15% on a travel amount up to €2,500, 10% on the next €2,500, 5% on the following €5,500, and 1% on the remaining amount. Arctic Home Experience may deviate in your favor from the mentioned amounts and percentages.

5. Aansprakelijkheid

    • Arctic Home Experience is not liable for loss and theft (including money), damage to property, damage or injury to (fellow) holiday maker for whatever reason.

    • Arctic Home Experience is not liable for inconvenience caused by force majeure situations such as natural disasters, strikes, etc.

    • Arctic Home Experience is not liable for damage suffered because the rented accommodation does not meet the requirements or wishes of the holiday maker.

    • Any damage to the accommodation or other facilities on the premises caused by guests during their stay will be charged to the respective guest and may result in additional costs.

    • The use of all facilities and services at the holiday destination is entirely at your own risk.

6. Travel documents

    • You are at all times responsible for the correct travel documents.

7. Complaints on-site

    • If you notice any imperfections or encounter problems during the rental, please always contact Arctic Home Experience immediately.

    • They will do everything they can to solve things quickly and properly. In the unlikely event that they do not succeed in satisfying you, please have a report drawn up. Complaints submitted later can no longer be processed. It is therefore not possible to claim afterwards.

8. Disputes

    • In case of disputes, only the courts of legal jurisdiction are competent. The applicable law applies to these general terms and conditions.

9. All rights reserved

    • Arctic Home Experience reserves the right, in case the tourism travel market will be seriously affected by a possible war or terrorist threat or for economic reasons, to cancel the booked accommodation, with the rent paid being fully refunded.